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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who can host a speaker?  

A:  Any institution can request a speaker from the series.  This includes two- and four-year colleges and universities, museums and research facilities.  The Series encourages speakers to leverage their trip into multiple speaking engagements.  For example, a museum or research institution could partner with the host school to provide additional speaking opportunities.

Q:  What costs can the Series cover?

A:  OPCS covers all travel expenses.  This includes airfare, lodging and, if necessary, a rental car or other ground transportation.

Q:  How is travel reimbursed?  

A:  All speakers must be part of JPL's administrative system in order to charge to the OPCS fund.  When a speaker is first accepted into the system, they will be asked to provide additional information depending on their employment status.

  JPL employees:

All others,
including civil servants:
  a salary charge number

Form E-2190 and an application for Visiting Independent Advisor (VIA) status at JPL.

Q:  Who makes the travel plans?

A:   The speaker should make arrangements for travel and lodging, working with the designated JPL travel specialist and the host institution.  The speaker can arrange her or his own travel and request reimbursement afterward, or the Series can make arrangements and payments.  In either case, the speaker should be part of the JPL budgeting system prior to travel, and costs for accommodations should be at or below the government domestic per diem rate.


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