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Outer Planets Colloquium Series

NOTICE: As part of NASA's response to the federal budget sequester, the Outer Planets Series activities have been placed on hold until further notice. Requests for presenters, and applications to be a presenter, will be logged and every attempt will be made to fulfill these requests after the hold is lifted. Questions, and concerns about how this affects your plans, either as a presenter or potential host, may be addressed to the Series administrator, Steve Vance:


The Outer Planets Colloquium Series is a collaboratively planned program of visits by planetary scientists to university campuses and research institutions, and is designed to raise awareness of current research in outer solar system science.

Participation is open to two- and four-year undergraduate colleges, and to research institutions throughout the United States. The Series is specially designed for host institutions that have planetary science research programs and the commitment to make the necessary local arrangements.


Outer Planets Colloquium Series events will contribute to the host institution's academic program and intellectual environment in many different ways. Presenters are scheduled to give a research colloquium or seminar presentation primarily for the professional / academic science community. They are strongly encouraged to address the needs of the next generation of scientists (graduate students, interns, and undergraduates). They are also encouraged to give an additional, more general presentation that is free and open to the general public.

These presentations are expected to be on a range of topics, including outer planet satellite astrobiology, geology, geophysics, composition, atmospheres, spectroscopy, cryospheres, surface chemistry, tidal forces, volcanism, magnetospheres, science instrumentation, and technological advances.

Other interactions that raise awareness about outer solar system science may also be considered as part of the visit. These may include guest teaching a class, interacting informally with students and faculty, visiting local precollege campuses, or other outreach opportunities.

Program Costs

The Colloquium Series will cover the presenter's travel expenses. The host institution will not provide an honorarium for the speaker.


To apply for an Outer Planets Colloquium Series visit, please fill out the online request form. Please be sure to note your preferred presenter and range of dates. Please plan at least three months ahead. You will be notified once the application is received and processed. The schedule of activities is arranged directly by the host institution with the visiting presenter, in collaboration with the Outer Planets Colloquium Series.


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